Kick off the Six Nations 2017 at the Kings Arms

Come along to the Kings Arms and join us for all the matches this weekend!












If we were to define this time of year, we’d say it creates an unforgettable atmosphere full of tension and excitement. The Six Nations brings people together, united over wanting their home team to win. So naturally, we can’t wait for the games to begin! This weekend sees the following fixtures kicking off:


Sat 4th February  | 2.25pm  | Scotland v Ireland

Sat 4th February  | 4.50pm  | England v France

Sun 5th February | 2.00pm | Italy v Wales


We have our big screen prepped and ready at the back of the pub, primed to ensure you have the best viewing experience in Abergavenny! Plus, it works as a great excuse to have a cheeky pint on a weekend afternoon. We’ll see you soon!